Sophie Gilmore is an illustrator and writer of picture books, currently living in Italy for a little while. 

She lived in various places in New Zealand until she was 8, usually standing on rusty nails in her bare feet or having to be de-wormed after spending too much time grubbing around with chickens or guineafowl or something. Then she moved to Scotland, where there were duffel coats and cold Christmases, and stayed there (except for a handful of rogue years after high school spent back in NZ) until she graduated in illustration at the art school in Edinburgh.

She has pretty much stuck with watercolour and pen since day one, and uses an upturned pot as a footrest (see above). Most of her work stems from the curiousness of human nature, the magic in a friendship between children and animals, and usually includes a handful of other creatures just being a bit suspicious. 

Occasionally she chats to people in the outside world, you can read a couple of recent conversations about work in general here, and her debut book Little Doctor and the Fearless Beast, here. And here is a link to a review in the New York Times, just because that's a little thrilling to say.

For inquiries re bookish work, please contact Jen Rofé at Andrea Brown Literary Agency jennifer(at)andreabrownlit(dot)com

To discuss any other commissions, big or small, or just say hi, feel free to get in touch:

Sophie Gilmore, Via Mazzini 86, 56125 Pisa PI, Italy

Photograph: Rebecca Jamieson, 2019


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