Sophie Gilmore is an author and illustrator of picture books. She is sort of half-kiwi-half-Scottish, and lives on a rather narrow boat in London. Her work usually includes a handful of friends generally being a bit suspicious, or thinking about some mischief or other.

Her favourite things are swimming, reading, eating unknown fruit straight off the tree, and chocolate milk in large quantities. 

Occasionally she chats to people in the outside world, you can read about how much she loves a to-do list here, and she spoke to the lovely Maria Marshall about her debut book, Little Doctor and the Fearless Beast, here. And, just for the fun of it, here is a small mention of Little Doctor in the New York Times

For inquiries re bookish work, please contact her literary agent Jen Rofé:


To say 'hi', or for book questions or anything else that comes to mind, Sophie would love to hear from you at: 


And of course she's on social media sometimes, where she shares a little more in the way of sketches, or news, or inspiration:


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