Publishing July 06, 2021, Greenwillow Books

"Owl, Badger, Mandrill, Turtle, and Anteater are looking for something terrific to do. But what is terrific for them all? Climbing? No. Swimming? No. Hanging from their toes? No! Will the five friends find something terrific to do before Snake slithers in and ruins their perfect afternoon? Turn the page and see...!"

Freda and the Blue Beetle 

Published April 15th 2020, Owlkids 

"This fanciful fairy tale is a curious and winning narrative on its own, but the gorgeous accompanying pen-and-watercolor illustrations strengthen the enchantment even further. A wonderfully odd gem of a story that speaks to the importance of living a just and fulfilling life on one’s own terms" - Booklist 

"Gilmore's fantasy is both startling and believable" - Publishers Weekly

"This story about thinking for oneself is sweetly quirky and far from saccharine" - Kirkus

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Little Doctor and the Fearless Beast

Published March 2019, Owlkids

Little Doctor and the Fearless Beast was chosen as one of Publishers Weekly's Flying Starts, and has been translated into German, Italian and Korean.

Maria Russo at the New York Times included it in her selection of Picture Books to Enrapture Little Readers .

"A rousing, toothy adventure" - Kirkus starred review

And starred reviews from Booklist and Publishers Weekly

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