On this page you'll find four books (a fifth is on its way!), and in each one you'll find friendship, adventure, a hint of danger, and more than a little bit of courage when it is needed the most. 

You will not find horses, simply because I cannot draw their legs.


The Sea in the Way

2022, Greenwillow Books

Badger lives far from Bear, with the sea in the way. But the sea says it will let her cross, if she brings it something nice.

How can anything be nice, in this place without Bear?

It turns out that when you take the time to really look, there is so much to discover. Nice things. New things. Even friends.

'Dreamy, smart waves of love, longing, listening, and learning.' -Kirkus starred review

'With soft colors and an attentive, furred protagonist, this tale of yearning carries the quietest of messages.' - Publisher's Weekly, starred review

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2021, Greenwillow Books

Five friends are looking for something TERRIFIC to do. But with each having different interests and abilities...what could be terrific for them all

Climbing? Not for everyone. Swimming? DEFINITELY not for everyone. Hanging from their toes? Absolutely not! Will the friends find something terrific to do together before Snake manages to upend their perfect afternoon? 

'Pretty terrific, indeed, and visually marvelous.' - Kirkus starred review

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Freda and the Blue Beetle 

2020, Owlkids 

 Freda is a free spirit, who one day befriends a small, broken, beetle. But Ernest grows and grows, and soon Freda has to choose between her gentle friend, and her whispering community. Freda and the Blue Beetle is a fantastical fable about friendship, and being LOUD when you need to be.

'A wonderfully odd gem of a story that speaks to the importance of living a just and fulfilling life on one’s own terms' - Booklist 

'Gilmore's fantasy is both startling and believable' - Publishers Weekly

'This story about thinking for oneself is sweetly quirky and far from saccharine' - Kirkus

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Little Doctor and the Fearless Beast

2019, Owlkids

The crocodiles call her Little Doctor, and pay for her kindness with tales of adventure. But when the biggest, most ornery, beast darkens her doorstep- yet refuses treatment- Little Doctor will have to be creative to get to the bottom of this mystery ailment, and hear the most unexpected tale of them all.

Little Doctor and the Fearless Beast received starred reviews from Kirkus, Booklist, and Publisher's Weekly, was chosen as one of Publishers Weekly's Flying Starts, and has been translated into German, ItalianKorean and Spanish.

 The New York Times included it in their selection of Picture Books to Enrapture Little Readers 

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And a thank-you!

When it comes to the process of creating a picture book, there are many people involved from beginning to end. I've been lucky enough to work together with my brilliant and fierce agent Jen Rofé, and  the teams at Owlkids Books and Greenwillow, both packed with people who were warm and funny and encouraging, and who work so hard- both long before and long after your book is published. A huge, bottom-of-my-heart thank you to each and every one.

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